Major Player Inc.was established in 1993 by Ruby Allison Limere Alexander, President/CEO of the company and by the late Ronald Esdelle.  From inception we have been producing both an Adult and Junior Masquerade Band which is one of our many goals, i.e.showcasing and sharing the rich culture of Trinidad and Tobago by creating and building costumes geared towards the Miami Broward Carnival in South Florida during the 1st and 2nd weekend in the month of October, (Columbus Day weekend) on an annual basis. We encourage different ethnicity throughout Florida and other neighboring States through group participant in this celebration.

Over the past 24 years of our production, Major Players (the band) has come a long way.  This year the Carnival Parade will be held on Sunday, October 9th at Miami Dade County Fair Grounds next to FIU Miami South Campus.  Prior to that weekend the kids will be showcasing their Junior Masquerade Band on Saturday, October 1st 2016 @ the Central Broward Regional Park.

The adult band is presently by Ruby Allison Limere Alexander the Band Leader of the Junior/Kiddies Band.  Ruby is known to some as the Mother of Carnival and Carnival Ambassador in Miami/Broward.

Major Players Inc. would like to thank our masqueraders, our models, our designers, our sponsors, the Live Bands and DJs, past and present and all our genuine supporters throughout the years.  “HATS OFF” throughout the years of our accomplishments. We look forward for your continued support.  We can be reached at:

Miami/Broward Mas Camp: 1390 NW 200 Street, Miami, FL 33169

Ruby   PH:  786-419-9907    E-mail: ralimere@aol.com


Website:  majorplayersmasband.com

Also follow us at Facebook at Major Players Carnival Mas Band Miami/Broward




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