Bob Kunst is an internationally known Gay and Jewish activist and pioneer.


He turns 75 on July 10 and is a native of Miami Beach who has also played ‘mas’ 196 times in the last 29 yrs., including 26 times in Trinidad and dances like a Trini.


Bob has been a member of Major Players for 28 yrs. and produced “Love Is” and “2nd Chance Carnivals”, both on Miami Beach which were terrific events.


Bob also won 3rd Place in ‘Individual Costume’, twice in Miami Broward One Carnival and also 3rd place for “King” Costume. Also lst place in St. Pete Carnival  for “King’.


           Bob has been a long time supporter of spreading this culture to a wider audience and in April, 2017, Major Players had a booth at Gay Pride Miami Beach to introduce the ‘carnival’, play Soca music and was hugely successful.


Bob and Doug Logan celebrated their 30th anniversary and are a ‘legacy’ couple  on a float for Gay Pride Parade.


Still dancing and still making history.





“Major Players” invites you play ‘mas’ with us for Miami-Broward One Carnival in Oct.

>Dear Lover of Carnival:

>When there is so much stress and division, we are blessed with having ‘Carnival’ and all that it takes to create this phenomenon and all the unique people who make this possible.
>Will you be coming to Miami-Broward One Carnival this October, or do you know anyone planning to play ‘mas’ here?
>If so, let me suggest playing with “Major Players” and Ruby… the band leader, who is the Queen of Carnival in Miami and creating magic and spreading culture to the wider audience for the last 23 yrs. with the most gorgeous costumes at the most reasonable prices and all hand-made for the quality one expects to play ‘mas’ in Carnival and also the best d.j..
>”Magic of the Seas” is our theme for 2016. Please go and look up “Major Players”.

Major Players is also doing J’ouvert on Oct. 8 at Broward Regional Park with thousands attending and our Major Players tee-shirts and backpack and all the drinks you want. J’Ouvert is not listed with MiamiBroward Carnival and many fetes are not listed as well.
>I have played ‘mas’ for the last 28 yrs. and 26 yrs going to Trinidad and 23 yrs. playing with “Major Players” as part of playing ‘mas’ in 191 carnivals, producing 2 on Miami Beach and also winning 3rd place for King and twice winning 3rd place for ‘individual costume’ in Miami- Broward One Carnival. Not bad for being 74 and still carrying on, the last time this Aug. for Boston Carnival.
>I love the culture, Soca, the total happening and the joy from all of it and ‘Thank G-d’ that I can still do it and will as long as I can and also why I am with “Major Players”, that is so very special on so many levels and why I am part of it.
>Always new and exciting, while keeping the tradition of excellence, which is why we are different.
>I hope you will check us out by calling Ruby at 786-419-9907 and going to Major Players website at Miami Broward One Carnival for the list of bands where Major Players is listed and our glorious history. Also, you can reach Ruby
>There are also so many fetes and events and opportunities to enjoy yourselves during this weekend and of course the cost of costume also includes food and beverages and the hottest ‘mas’ players and attitudes.
>Be a part of our ‘magic’ and please let your networks know of this invite and opportunity.
>Hope to see you.
>Yours Faithfully,
>Bob Kunst